The Iron and Steel Society: Linking People, Advancing Technology

The Iron & Steel Society is a professional and technical society that provides opportunities for networking among iron and steel industry professionals and advances technology by facilitating information exchange. The Society’s international network of more than 8,500 members includes professionals who work at all levels in the manufacturing, processing, research, supplier and academic sectors of the iron and steel community.
In 1974 the Seed is Planted
While the ISS was officially born on December 1, 1974, its origin can be traced back almost 87 years. According to the first issue of Iron & Steelmaker magazine in December 1974, the Iron and Steel Committee of what now is the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc. (AIME) was formed on April 26, 1912. (AIME itself was founded in 1871.) The mission of this new committee was to represent the interests of AIME in the mining and metallurgy of iron and steel and to secure papers and discussions of iron and steel for meetings of the institute
Over the next 25 years, the interest in iron and steel continued to flourish, and on February 22, 1928, the organization of the Iron and Steel Division was authorized. An excerpt from the minutes of that meeting also appeared in the first issue of Iron & Steelmaker, which said, “It is believed that the organization of the Division has served to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of a large proportion of the iron and steel membership of the institute and that a steady increase in the membership and activities of the Division should result. The outcome will depend largely upon efforts of the individual technical committees.”

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